Testimonials and Feedback

Here are a range of testimonials from clients over the years:

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January 2021

Marc, With the greatest thanks for my osteopathic treatment.... David


December 2018

Marc has created a welcoming space to treat families, starting with babies and going all the way through to grandparents...Sarah


February 2015

I first went to see Marc during the past year. I had been to several osteopaths and physiotherapists before as I had been suffering extreme pain in my leg.   After a couple of treatments I received from Marc, I am happy to report that I have no recurrence of the indescribable pain I had suffered for such a long time previously.   I need hardly to tell you how appreciative I am to Marc for the treatment which he gave me and for diagnosing my problem so quickly.... Edmund


December 2013

Initially I took my four year old son to see Marc, and was amazed at the difference; he now sleeps through the night and is more settled in himself. Marc then proceeded to cure a weakness in my right arm that I had suffered with for a year, within one treatment and with some gentle exercises. My wife has just started treatment after a car accident left her with severe whiplash. She has shown immediate improvement in posture and ease of movement and has even gained an inch in height! Marc is very talented and caring and I would highly recommend his osteopathic treatment...   Keith

November 2013

I have no hesitation in highly  recommending Marc,  my son age 2 reports that Marc makes him bigger! his speech really progressed in a short amount of time and best of all he has slept though the night since seeing him.  We  now have family trips to the Osteopath so Marc can fix us all... Joanna

January 2013

Dear Marc,  Thanks so much for a wonderful treatment. I floated home, and my whole body felt more fluid and flexible than it had since leaving California. My CNS had been so locked up, as you said, and getting off the table with a renewed brain was very liberating. You have wonderful hands.  Best wishes.......  Catherine.

February 2011

I much enjoy my sessions with Marc Deora. He is very experienced and professional but also friendly, and we have interesting conversations during the treatment. I feel confident that Marc knows what he is doing and I find I can trust him.

Marc is observant and careful when he makes an assessment. After I describe my symptoms he is good at discovering the underlying problem.

He is a large man but the treatment is gentle and firm. I find he exercises muscles that I didn't know I had, so that after the session I feel quite tired, but also very relaxed. I would have no hesitation in recommending him, and his colleagues at the Centre, to my friends.............Michael E.

March 2011

Dear Marc,
Just to say thank you for my treatment yesterday and the time and care you are giving me... I felt so terrible when I came in and so much better by the end .....
Many thanks. ...... Susan

April 2011

Marc has helped my son Christopher and I so much over the last two years.  When he was born it soon became apparent that Christopher's head rested to one side; with effort he could move it to the middle, but he could not turn it the other way.  After three or four treatments from Marc his head was completely mobile and moving freely.  Marc also treated Christopher after he was diagnosed with hip displacia as the harness he had to wear restricted his movements and he became stiff and seemed uncomfortable.  He is now a happy two-year-old toddler with a beautifully shaped head who runs around very happily! ....... F

Before treatment
head always to the right

After one treatment,
almost to the left!!!

Christopher now...



Marc's gentle osteopathic treatments have helped me enormously.  I used to have very bad migraines sometimes ten in a month, but since having an osteopathic treatment every couple of months or so I have been largely migraine-free - this has transformed my life - I feel I have my freedom back again.  

Marc has also helped me with back and neck pain; after an osteopathic treatment I usually feel a bit sore for a day but soon feel very energised and well, and I also sleep so much better.   I'm so grateful for all Marc's help.....  Fiona 


May 2011

Hi Marc.....Rosie is feeling a lot better now and hasn't suffered any problems since seeing you last so thank you very much for that.........  Roger

June 2011

Thank you again for sorting out my back / hip on Wednesday - it's SO much better - and I had the best night's sleep for ages on Weds night as well, able to sleep soundly without turning over because of being uncomfortable.   So combined with earplugs to drown out any crying from Baby, and  Dad's turn to go to him if needs be, life is looking up! 

I wondered if you might want to put a sentence on your home page saying you treat adults too?  (and that Sandra looks after little ones while parents have a treatment - that is such a help, and as far as I know other osteopathic clinics don't offer that).....


July 2011

From the day our baby was born he only wanted to look to his right. He would prefer to stare at a blank wall on his right than turn his head to the left to look at us! I was told that he would begin to hold his head normally over time but at six months old, he was still exactly the same.

One of my friends suggested trying osteopathy to help correct the problem. I thought we'd give it a try as time hadn't helped so we came to the Osteopathic Centre for Family and Children. After the second session we really began to notice an improvement in our baby's head strength and movement.

After four sessions he had so much more mobility in his head that nobody would notice that he had had a problem before.

I would highly recommend Marc Deora and his Centre to all parents!      .... Helen

October 2011

Hi Marc,    Thank you for my treatment.... Just wanted you to know that  I felt so much better yesterday - calmer and yet more energised - and my knee was more comfortable.  ....... Hilary


December 2011

Hi Marc,   Just a note to say a huge thank you for the difference you have made to our whole family by treating our baby son Daniel. We now have a happy, smiley, contented baby; a toddler who can finally remove his fingers from his ears; and parents who are no longer at breaking point but can enjoy their children.

Any misgivings that I might have had when Daniel screamed his way through his first session with you at 3 weeks were mollified by your confidence at the time that you could help him, and were completely blown away when he smiled, gurgled and happily wriggled his way all through his fifth and final session.

I can hardly believe that the beautiful little boy I have now is the same unhappy, discontented and difficult to feed baby that I first brought to you.

It is impossible to thank you enough for the transformation you have brought to our family through treating Daniel, but thank you all the same.   Yours,...........Sally J.