COVID-19 Update 01/06/2021      WE ARE OPEN!     Please call to make an appointment   Cambridge:01223 24 28 28 



  • Covid Vaccination June 2021: Some patients attending this practice might not be vaccinated due to ineligibility, medical contraindications/ exemptions or personal preference....However ALL staff members are Double Vaccinated.
  • To keep everyone safe, strict infection prevention control measures are in place and all of our staff will be wearing the appropriate level of PPE.
  • LFD (Lateral Flow) testing is also carried out on staff at regular intervals. If you have any concerns, please us know.




We are delighted to inform that following government and The General Osteopathic Council guidance we are now able to resume non-urgent appointments. The past few weeks we have been closely following guidance to adapt the clinic and develop new procedures in order to make the clinic as safe as possible for you when you arrive for your appointment.

The steps we have taken include but not limited to:

  • A Covid 19 Risk Assessment – Cambridge
  • We will wear disposable PPE when necessary to prevent cross contamination between patients in line with the guidance from the Institute of Osteopathy. This will include an apron, face mask, gloves and possibly a face shield.
  • We have implemented protocols for pre-screening patients. Please expect a pre-screening text the day before your appointment, this is just to check your health and ensure it is safe for you to attend the clinic.
  • We are making time between each patient consultation to sanitise all surfaces and touchpoints in the clinic such as door handles,taps and light switches.
  • We are spacing appointment times to leave time to ventilate the clinic and to ensure patients do not cross paths in order to follow government social distancing.
  • We ask all patients to arrive at their appointment time and if you do arrive early to either wait outside the building or in your car as we can only allow one patient in the clinic at any one time.
  • We have eliminated all unnecessary linens such as couch covers, gowns, soft toys to ensure everything you touch is thoroughly cleaned or disposed of.
  • Bank transfers, or contactless payments are preferred at this moment in time.

Please expect a pre-screening text the day before your appointment and please inform us if you develop any 

Covid-19 symptoms between booking and your appointment. 

We are looking forward to your returning to our Centre for treatment.

We hope you’ve stayed safe at this time and managed well with the changes to home and work-life, I look forward to seeing you soon.

You will find a full risk assessment displaid in the Waiting Room, if you have any questions with regards to the risk assessment or our new procedures, please give us a call.